Thursday, April 26, 2012

Summit No. 14: Illustrator Boot Camp

TOPIC: Illustrator Boot Camp
MODERATOR: Gordon McAlpin
DATE: Thursday, May 3, 2012
TIME: 6 – 6:30 pm (right before the Cartoonist Conspiracy Jam)
LOCATION: 1618 Central Ave NE, Ste. 216, Nordeast MPLS

Illustrator is the most difficult of the three Adobe programs we'll be covering this year. I have vivid memories of the early days of my career, trying unsuccessfully to navigate Illustrator's tool bar, perplexed by all the arrows and lost as to what exactly "vector" meant. I eventually did learn to master the program -- thanks in part to some production work with a big client that forced me to either learn the damn program or pack my bags -- but it was not a pleasant experience.

Which is why we're pleased to welcome back Gordon McAlpin to the Nordeast stage to spill the beans on how exactly he makes such awesome comics using Adobe Illustrator. I say 'welcome back' because Gordon was kind enough to deliver a special Summit during MIX last November, but sadly my video recording skills proved deficient so there was no way to post his Summit like I did with Sarah Glidden's.

Gordon will be cutting through the fog of Illustrator and explaining the basics of what you, as a cartoonist, should know about working with vector graphics. Specifically:

  • Intro to Illustrator: A very quick explanation of what vectors are for the complete novice.
  • Vector drawing basics: How to construct complex shapes out of multiple simple shapes.
  • Lettering in Illustrator: Tricks for how to use this basic knowledge to letter your comics.

As always, we’ll have Nordeast-themed beverages on hand, and you can grab a bite downstairs at Diamonds. The Summit starts right at 6pm, so come a little early if you want to grab a seat on what Jordan Shiveley calls “The most comfortable couch in Nordeast.” Then, after the Summit, wander downstairs and draw your heart out at the Cartoonist Conspiracy Jam (6:30-10pm)!

We will be filming the Summit for the archives, and in theory will post those videos at a later date. And if you have an idea for a future Summit, or would like to lead a particular discussion, let me know in the comments or send an email to nordeastcomics [at]

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